“Those who stepped onto the path of Freedom”

The 14th & 15th August marks the Independence days of Pakistan and India which saw 12.5million people displaced from their homes and and over 1 million dead from the violence which ensued. Jinnah in Pakistan and Gandhi in India are celebrated as hero’s but those who gave their lives for an independent undivided country free from corruption and social division, lay forgotten in the shadows.

Pundit Ram Prashad Bismil, the founder member of Hindustan Republican Association and revolutionary poet whose songs helped inspire future freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh.

Kartar Singh Sarabha, the visionary leader of the Ghadar Party and one of the youngest freedom fighters to be hanged at the age of 19.

Ashfaqulla Khan, another revolutionary poet and close aide of Pundit Bismil who dreamt of an united India where Hindu’s, Muslims and Sikhs could live in an equal society.

Chandra Shekhar Azad, the chief strategist of the Hindustan Republican Association who advocated socialism as the way forward for a corrupt free society and was at one time the most wanted man in the whole of India.

If only the ideology preached by these freedom fighters was to be practiced by the current governments of the two countries, society would be alot different.


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  1. You have some very interesting blogs! I love reading them 🙂

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