Baba Ajit Singh ji & Baba Jujhar Singh ji

The level of education obtained by the sahibzadas at such a young age was much higher than most people have today at twice that age. Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji and Sahibzada Jujhar Singh Ji were educated in religious texts, philosophy and history, and had training in the martial arts such as riding, swordsmanship,gatka and archery. Sahibzadas had started Gatka training at around the ages of about 4-5 and started learning Gurbani at about the same time. Today at the age of 4-5 we are barely learning the names of the Sikh Gurus whereas learning gatka and gurbani is way out of the picture. The Sahibzadas were blessed to be born the sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji but that does not mean they were born with all this knowledge. They learnt it and so can we. They gave equal respect to academic, physical and spiritual education, not favoring one over the other. Today we pick a medium we are good in and have the tendency to forget the others.

The Sahibzadas also never got so bogged down with their education that they had no time to stick up for what’s right. Whenever Guru Gobind Singh Ji instructed Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji to go and fight for what’s right, Sahibzada Ji went without a second look at his education. Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji was barely twelve when he was sent to defend Sikh Sangat from the looters ‘Ranghar of Nuh’. Since the age of twelve Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji has defended innocent people that came to Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s darbar asking for help, regardless of religion. The Sahibzadas never rejected education in favor of doing the right thing or vice versa, they did both at the same time. We need to become like the Sahibzadas in this manner where we learn to do both things at the same time. Often we hide behind the excuse of education and work, so we don’t have to follow the order of our father Guru Gobind Singh Ji and do the right thing.

Sahibzadas did an amazing job in whatever they did but they never had any ego and always respected their parents. Sahibzadas always did whatever their Guru, their father told them to do. How often do we listen to our parents today? How often do we do as Guru Ji instructed us to do? Where is the respect if we can’t even follow simple instructions given by our parents or the Guru Ji? We need to be like the Sahibzadas, who gave went up to their father and asked for permission to go join the fight in which they would receive martyrdom. That’s the kind of respect we need to give our parents. Just because we are doing the right thing, doesn’t mean we should jump right into it. First we need to go to our parents and ask permission and explain why it’s important they not say no. We owe our parents at least that much respect, that we can ask for permission when taking important decisions of our life. If our parents don’t agree and the matter is of Khalsa Panth, we can turn to our spiritual father, Guru Gobind Singh Ji and ask for hukam from Guru Granth Sahib Ji. We should always give our parents the respect they deserve, just like the Sahibzadas did.

Sahibzadas made their parents proud by being properly educated, being soldiers along with saints and always respecting their parents and Sikhi. Sahibzadas received education and became the saints. They fought for what was right and even gave their lives, so they could be the soldiers and martyrs. They respected their parents and received their blessings to be the best Sons of Khalsa Panth. Following in the steps of Sahibzada Ajit Singh Ji and Sabihzada Jujhar Singh Ji we can become the true sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.




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2 responses to “Baba Ajit Singh ji & Baba Jujhar Singh ji

  1. Upjeet

    thank you for this, very well written and brilliant how its made relatable, reminding us how to even come close to try becoming worthy of their legacies

  2. cinderz kaur

    Amazing phaji 🙂

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